How to Make your Tour More Eco-Friendly?

How to Make your Tour More Eco-Friendly?

Some people may be bitten by the travel bug all too often. To satiate your wanderlust from time to time, you keep traveling. Already you are making plans to make a booking for your upcoming destination. At this juncture, you may face a question whether you would want to be a responsible or irresponsible traveler. The answer is a no brainer. A vast majority of the people would want to opt for the second option. Over time more and more travelers are becoming conscious and making reservations of eco-friendly accommodations.

Sustainable Choice

A vast majority of the people nowadays are willing to shell out extra bucks for sustainable travel. If you are ready to begin your green journey, then you should keep the following tips in mind.

  1. Avoiding Domestic Flights

In recent times you may have come across the phrase climate emergency. Carbon dioxide emissions from cars, planes and various other modes of transport contribute to global warming considerably. The effects of global warming are disastrous. Not only the biodiversity of our planet is under threat, but it may also pave the way for flooding of significant cities. Human beings would want to avoid all such calamities. One of the best ways of ensuring a reduction of carbon dioxide is by making a conscious choice of not flying. Even if you need to fly, then you should prevent flying short distances. You may want to travel by train for shorter distances. It is a wise idea not to plan for frequent stopovers. 

  • Less Harmful for the Nature

While traveling by roads are fun but take some time out to make a reservation of eco-friendly vehicles. Under these circumstances, an electric car is an ideal solution. Make sure that you book a car which accommodates your needs but is not unnecessarily big. If there are only two members in your group with each one of you carrying a backpack, then there is no point in making a reservation of the entire minibus.

  • Spot Greenwashing

Invest some time out to find out the names of some of the prominent tour companies shoe focus is on social responsibility. They are the ones who are engaged in activities which involve returning something to the community. Beware of the greenwashing concept. Some of the companies practice marketing techniques which are not at all environmentally friendly. Their objective is to mislead customers and creating a false impression of their products or services. The tour companies which are focused on green travel will have at least a webpage in support of sustainability. 

  • Energy-Saving Measures

One of the things you should keep in mind is that while you are in a hotel doing rest or checking out Indian tour packages, you should act in the same way as you would in your house. It would be best if you did not ask for fresh towels when it is not at all necessary. Do not opt for long showers and always make it a point to switch off the air conditioner, lights and television when you step out of the room. You should leave the television on the standby mode if you do not have plans of watching it sometime soon. There is no point in wasting energy unnecessarily.

  • Obtain Reusable Bags

Pause and think about how long a plastic bag will take to biodegrade. If you investigate, you will come out with stunning results. Yes, you heard it right! It takes about five hundred years. Most people love to hold on to memories, especially of fabulous vacations. While going out for shopping in the local markets, it is a smart approach to rely on reusable bags instead of opting for the plastic ones. 

  • Consumption of Local Produce

It would help if you gave the local brewery a try. Save on the mileage by choosing to drink locally manufactured ale. The rule is applicable in the case of cuisine too. Start tasting the meals in local eateries. Have a carbon-friendly approach by letting your taste buds to be adventurous. While enjoying at the bar make it a point to say no to all kinds of plastic straws. You may obtain a set of stainless-steel straws and carry them with you whenever you are on the go. Plastic straws are destructive in nature and may find their way in the ocean and causing a lot of damage to aquatic lives. 

Sensible Call

Traveling leads to the expansion of horizons as well as helps in the development of a better understanding of various cultures. Curtail the environmental impact by acting responsibly.

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