Five Highest-Paying ISACA Certifications

Five Highest-Paying ISACA Certifications

ISACA implies the Information Systems Audit and Control Association. It is an acknowledged global union based on Information Technology governance. The ISACA organization is spread globally across 180 countries, that is it serves 140,000 parts of the world. The ISACA association was found in the United States in the year 1967. This association also provides a large number of certifications to the students. Students who are the ISACA certified will have a high amount of salary. All the companies first prefer the students who are certified from the ISACA association. In the United States and Canada, students from the IT background choose the ISACA certification. Additionally, 11% of IT experts in the companies are ISACA certified. There are three main objectives of ISACA. They are as follows:

  • Boosting careers widely,
  • Offer various certification courses, and
  • Higher salaries.

The Cybersecuritys is the primary domain of ISACA Certification. In this certification, an individual can earn many job offers with higher salaries. WIth the ISACA Certifications, an individual will be benefitted a lot. There are a wide variety of the ISACA Certifications available. Let’s have a look at the top five certifications that offer the highest salary.

CGEIT (Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT):

This certification is one of the highest paying ISACA certifications. The CGEIT certification is the top 12th certification in the world. This course is designed for IT professionals whose roles are to manage, organize, and support the governance of IT. To get this certification, an individual needs to crack the CGEIT examination. This examination comprises of a total of 150 multiple-choice questions. An individual needs to finish the examination within four hours. However, the CGEIT examination is categorized into five main domains. There is a prerequisite for qualifying for this exam. An individual should have at least five years of experience in domain one out of five. Additionally, an individual should have four years of practice in any two domains out of the remaining four.

CISM (Certified Information Security Manager):

This certification holds a rank of 17 across the globe. This certification also offers a high salary. Any individual who is a CISM certified will have to manage the security plans of a particular organization. He/she will have the designation of the Security Management Professional in an IT industry. To get the CISM Certification, a candidate has to clear the examination, which consists of a total of 200 multiple-choice questions. The examination is based on four main domains. To qualify the examination, a candidate should have five years of practice in infosec filed and three of experience in three or four domains of the CISM.

CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control):

This certification holds the rank of 14 throughout the world. The CIRSC certified candidate’s job is to recognize and handle the business risks using Information System Controls. The CRISC examination incorporates a total of 150 multi-choice questions. The duration of the examination is exact for four hours. However, this exam is based on four major domains. However, risk management is a crucial part of any business.  Many IT companies prefer CIRSC certified candidates. These candidates can handle and control risks occurring during the development. Also, they can collaborate with the clients and ensure the delivery of a risk-free product.

CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor):

This certification stands at 12the position worldwide. The CISA is also one of the most learned and highest paying certification course. The CISA certified employee’s responsibility is to regulate, monitor, and assess the business and IT operations and systems. To get CISA certification, an individual has to clear the CISA exam. This exam encompasses a total of 150 multiple-choice questions and the duration of the examination is four hours. Along with passing the exam, an individual should have five years of prior experience.

COBIT 5 Foundation:

COBIT 5 Foundation is one of the topmost highest-paying certifications. However, COBIT 5 is a very well-known framework used for cybersecurity. To acquire the certification in COBIT 5, one needs to clear the examination. This examination is an online-based approach and not a paper-based. The examination includes five major COBIT 5 principles and seven COBIT 5 enables. The exam incorporates a total of 50 multiple-choice questions. To pass this exam, one should score 50% of the total marks.

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