10+ Coronavirus (COVID-19) Plugins for Your WordPress Site

10+ Coronavirus (COVID-19) Plugins for Your WordPress Site

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has introduced the biggest ever threat to mankind and is going on killing lakhs of people each day. The number of positive cases is growing day by day and this continual increase in the affected people will not stop anytime soon.

In such a critical scenario, it is important for you to consider raising awareness about the pandemic and updating your website visitors regarding your business status by WordPress plugin development. This will allow your customers to remember you and feel that you are with them in this hour of crisis.

Here are some of the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) WordPress plugins that can help you to get started. You can also hire an experienced WordPress developer if you are interested in custom WordPress plugin development.

Corona Virus Data

Developed using the NovelCOVID API, the “Corona Virus Data” plugin lets you showcase the most recent COVID-19 updates of the entire world together with the countries you like in your page or post through shortcodes. Here are the shortcodes and their meaning:

[cov2019all] – shows COVID-19 data of all the nations in a tabular form.

[cov2019] – displays the basic COVID-19 data of the selected country and the world.

[cov2019map] – displays a map showing COVID-19 data of all the countries.

The “Corona Virus Data” plugin, can even help you to showcase the total number of recovered, dead, and confirmed patients of all the countries, a specific nation, or the province that you select.

  • Corona Virus (COVID-19) Banner

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) Banner is a simple yet robust WordPress plugin developed to let the website owners incorporate a tailorable notice banner related to COVID-19 to their business website. You can add this banner either at the bottom or at the top of your WordPress site. The banner can even be displayed in the form of a pop-up message.

  • Coronavirus Cases Tracker

The “Coronavirus Cases Tracker” plugin allows the website owners to showcase live updates on COVID-19 in their WordPress post, widget sections, and page. They can display the number of live deaths, recovered, and confirmed cases all over the world by using shortcodes. They can even build a country-based COVID-19 data card.

  • CF Geo Plugin

With the help of the CF Geo Plugin, the website owners can showcase real-time worldwide and country-based coronavirus data on their WordPress website without any fee. They just need to make use of tags or shortcodes for displaying the data.

  • Corona Update

The “Corona Update” WordPress plugin can allow the website owners to showcase live coronavirus data on their business website. Furthermore, this plugin can also let them incorporate a customizable awareness popup message to their WordPress website. With this plugin, the site owners can display all the relevant data, including the total number of new cases, critical cases, recovered cases, and deaths on their website. This plugin even works with the Elementor page builder, widgets, and Shortcodes.

  • Covid-19 Stats Shortcode

The WordPress bloggers can use the “Covid-19 Stats Shortcode” plugin to display the coronavirus stats on their blogs for spreading awareness. This can be done by just using the shortcode at any place of your website where you wish to showcase the coronavirus stats. This plugin fetches real-time data with the help of the Novel COVID API.

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice Message

The “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice Message” plugin can help you to display a COVID-19 notice as an eye-catching notification banner at the bottom, top, or within the text of your website by making use of a shortcode. Furthermore, you can also direct your website visitors to a certain coronavirus webpage using the “read more” link.

  • Corona Awareness Popup

The “Corona Awareness Popup” plugin helps in raising awareness about the life-threatening coronavirus. With the help of an editable popup, the WordPress website owners can display data regarding the COVID-19 symptoms and the measures that should be taken for preventing it. Furthermore, you can also add a button link for directing your site visitors to the official website of WHO or to another page or post in the same website.

  • Coronavirus COVID-19 Watch

The “Coronavirus COVID-19 Watch” plugin allows the WordPress website owners to showcase live coronavirus data on their website with the help of a widget or shortcode. With this wonderful plugin you can display the total number of deaths and confirmed cases in the world or in any particular country. The plugin also gives you an option for adding a link inside the toolbar at the top for helping your website visitors learn more about the pandemic.

Coronavirus Spread Prediction Tools

The “Coronavirus Spread Prediction Tools” lets you reproduce the upshot of the threatening SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus with the help of your own entered factors or by making use of the real-time data notified by WHO or CDC. This powerful plugin generates table and summary chats automatically for your better understanding of the generated outcomes.

Other latest coronavirus (COVID-19) WordPress plugins you can use:

  • WP COVID-19 Schema
  • Coronavirus
  • COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update
  • SA Coronavirus Banner
  • South African Covid-19 Banner
  • COVID19 Live Statistic

Consider consulting a reputed WordPress web development agency to learn more about the new coronavirus (COVID-19) WordPress plugins or to get a customizable plugin developed for your specific purpose.

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