For Influencers, TikTok is Introducing a  ‘shop now’ Button

For Influencers, TikTok is Introducing a ‘shop now’ Button

TikTok is introducing a new ad button feature for the influencer videos to let their developers gain more benefits than before. People who are working on this matter say that the videos would contain a clear call-to-action button. However, the ad earnings would be friendly, divided between the influencer and TikTok.

TikTok, a rising platform for influencer videos

Most of the media consumers accepted TikTok as a well-thought-out platform for brand marketing in a reasonable budget range. For joining an advertiser with a scrutinized influencer and publisher, TikTok is struggling hard. Additionally, it is giving the best advertisement offers and developing Creator Marketplace.

With it, TikTok would soon stand at the same point with other advertising platforms, which most buyers prefer. It is following the same footprints of big brands to attract advertisers for influencer videos. Direct-response to ad products is the main aim of TikTok in the market place.

TikTok, advertiser and influencer, the revenue-share split partners 

However, the call-to-action ads button, in the starting stage, is only to pick the publicists and authoritative personalities. TikTok has not decided on the actual returns-share, although, the company owners have been deciding a 20/80 split in TikTok’s service. The advertisers familiar with this system shared the information, and their tests are under consideration to go live. Firstly, the revenue generated through the ads was distributed among the advertiser and influencer. But now, this system favors TikTok to get a significant part of it.

TikTok representative statement

According to a TikTok spokeswoman

“We are constantly experimenting with ideas and features to enhance the app experience for our users. TikTok is a platform for creative expression and to show and share the things you love with others. We’re in the early stages of testing a way to favor users. They can add links to products to their videos and would share more updates when we have them.”

TikTok’s creator marketplace is an edge for advertisers 

TikTok served advertisers to search the top creators of the platform after launching TikTok’s Creator Marketplace last year. Besides, they can also filter the results with metrics like audience demographics and follower count. They can also choose the topics of their interest to create creative content about them.

Amy Luca, chief executive at influencer marketing company The Amplify, shared her views about Tikok’s focus on creators.

“Tiktok is focusing more on YouTube’s Creator’s shared revenue model, which is smarter than an Instagram model. Instagram struggles with redesigning some of its programs to make money out of the gray market environment. On their platform, influencer earns while the brands pay to them.”

How to get partnered with TikTok influencer?

At the start of the month, Levi’s shared information on a partnership with TikTok influencer. It joined Everett Williams, Cosette Rinab, Gabby Morrison, and Callen Schaub on the platform to sponsor its customizable “Future Finish” jeans expertise. Therefore, one can find this new “Shop Now” button in-feed ads of influencers. Levi’s didn’t tell about the actual number but roughly said that the push lasted on April 19. Consequently, it produced a watch-time twice as usual on TikTok. And for the products included in the TikTok campaign gathered views to its “Future Finish” page “more than doubled”

Donation stickers to raise money as a good act

According to a TikTok spokeswoman, the “Shop Now” button is now available to favor all publicists to attract traffic to their businesses. But above all, it is different from the creator call-to-action beta test. This platform has been allowing, excitingly, its top fans to add eCommerce links to the videos and introductions since November. Similarly, TikTok is also going to launch a new feature for its users, “Donation Stickers.” They can add these stickers to their live streams and videos to promote money for moral reasons.

 Apptopia future estimations about TikTok

TikTok is one of the rapidly growing apps that is free and attracting people due to its exciting features. World widely, almost 100 million people downloaded it between March 20 and April 28.

According to a data company, Apptopia

11 million people downloaded TikTok In U.S.

TikTok ranked second as a top free app that is available through the iOS and Google Play stores in the U.S.

The number of TikTok’s monthly active users raised to 328 million

Andrew J. Jude Rajanathan, Global Director, Media Agency Zenith shared his thoughts.

“TikTok is still very much a brand [advertising] platform — it’s still nascent. With TikTok, the starting point is the virality of video and the creativity of the video. Over time, as they begin to add [more] performance, direct-response [ads], the CTA buttons will get better. “

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